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MMS Membership Benefits

Regular maintenance of the car leads to early detection of breakdowns and lowers repair costs.

Car maintenance is essential for not only safe comportable driving,    but also minimize repair costs.    Join the MMS member’s club and receive our best offer.    

Example of maintenance costs over three years.
Base price
MMS Privilege price
Oile change x4
JPY 30,000
→ JPY 0
Battery replacement x1
JPY 23,000~
→ JPY 0
Replacement of wiper rubber (3wiper in a car) x 2
JPY 20,000~
→ JPY 0
Replacement of light bulbs
JPY 8,000~
→ JPY 0
Replacement of fuse x2
JPY 1,800~
→ JPY 0
Periodic inspection x2
JPY 45,000~
→ JPY 0
JPY 127,800~
→ JPY 0